Vandals Damage Dozens of Headstones in Lubbock Cemetery

According to the director of the City of Lubbock Cemetery, about a dozen graves were vandalized.

Jaime Coy, the director, said a few grave stones and vases with flowers were found pushed over on Thursday morning.

"We received word that there was some vandalism that occurred out here at the cemetery, specifically vandalism to upright monuments," Coy said. "People, whoever it was, came in here and pushed them over, there were some vases that were pushed over, there were vases that had designer rocks in them that were pushed over, so, here we are with it, and it's very, very frustrating."

Coy said the contacted the Lubbock Police Department to file a report about the vandalism.

"It's something we take very seriously, there's nothing funny about it," Coy said.

"It's frustrating. We take great pride, all of our employees, take great pride in caring for people out here, loving people out here, and families put a lot of trust in us to take care of their loved ones and we take that very seriously, and so when something like this happens, it's frustrating beyond all belief," he said.

Coy said the damage was contained to one block within the cemetery and they are already cleaning up.

"It's very delicate. It's very delicate. I had asked y'all not to zoom in on which ones [were pushed over], because we're going to go ahead and do our best to contact the people that were affected by that, to let them know, 'Hey, we're on this, we're just as frustrated as you are, we're going to take care of the repairs'," Coy said.

Anyone with information about what happened can either contact the City of Lubbock Cemetery directly at (806)767-2270 or Crime Line at (806)741-1000.

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