Van Plows Through Dallas Home With Family Inside

The crash happened Sunday afternoon

Three members of a Dallas family escaped injury after a van smashed into their Pleasant Grove area house, leaving a gaping hole in the back of the home.

"All I heard was, 'Boom, boom, boom,' like the whole house was just falling down," homeowner Glenn Smith said.

Smith said he was relaxing in his living room, watching a basketball game, when he heard the crash, then saw a van drive right past him -- stopping a few feet away.

"I didn't know what to think," Smith said. "I thought I was dreaming. I was about to have a heart attack."

Smith began to scream for his daughter, who was upstairs and unhurt. His wife was in a bedroom, also safe.

The van veered off Lake June Road, which runs behind Smith's home. The vehicle drove through Smith's backyard fence and into the house.

The driver of the van, according to Smith, kept his foot on the gas until Smith intervened and got him out of the vehicle.

Smith said the driver was unsteady on his feet and smelled of alcohol. The man kept telling Smith he could fix the mess.

"I can fix it, I can fix it, I can pay for it, I can fix it," Smith recalled. "I said, 'Hey man, don't worry about that -- are you OK?' He said he was OK, he was just scratched up and police came."

The fire department told Smith it was too unsafe to go back into the house. The van, Sunday evening, remained in the living room while the Smith family worked with their insurance company to have a contractor secure the home.

Smith said he was especially shaken because the van drove through the family's playroom in the back. His 2-year-old granddaughter visited only half an hour earlier.

"God is good, He saved us. We have no reason to complain," Smith said.

The driver of the van has not yet been identified. NBC 5 reached out to Dallas police for additional information late Sunday. We will update the story as we get new details.

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