Fort Worth

Van Cliburn International Piano Competition Postponed


For the first time in its almost 60-year history, the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition has been postponed.

The competition hosted in Fort Worth has been rescheduled to June 2022 from its original June 2021 date, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Applicants may be 18 to 31 years of age for this competition only.

"The Cliburn Competition is a once-every-four-years opportunity for us to showcase exceptional artists to the world, to bring the international classical music community together in Fort Worth, to create a singular event for our hometown, and, in the end, to launch careers," said Cliburn president and CEO, Jacques Marquis.

"It's become clear in recent months that the continuing effects of the pandemic will prevent us from producing an event at the level and with the impact that our patrons, our supporters, and-most importantly-our competitors deserve. Now, with a clear path forward, we can plan a Competition that will achieve new heights and be a fitting celebration of international strength and unity after such challenging times," Marquis said.

The postponement announcement was made on Tuesday.

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