Valentine’s Day Flower Tips For In-Store and Online Orders

Roses, tulips, sunflowers and Casablancas: the choices for Valentine's Day flowers are endless.

With so many online company and arrangements to choose from, it's easy to get stuck on which bouquet to buy.

So before you click purchase, keep these simple steps in mind:

Find out if your flowers are coming in a box or a vase.  

We've heard from consumers who were not too happy about breaking their arrangements out of cardboard and having to arrangement the flowers themselves.

You should also check for a satisfaction guarantee badge on the website. This is a good sign that the company will be willing to work with you if you're not happy with your order.

Check the reviews online, especially if it's your first time working with a company.

When you get your order, have the recipient snap a picture as soon as the arrangement arrives. If it doesn't look similar to the picture online, you should send your photo to the company to find out what went wrong.

If you're ordering flowers from a local florist, check this video for some in-store flower tips.

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