UTA Police Investigate Kidnapping Report, Students Alerted

The UT-Arlington Police Department has issued a safety alert to all students while they investigate reports of a kidnapping near campus.

UTA Police spokesperson Capt. Mike McCord said the victim, who is not a UTA student, claimed she was approached by a man Thursday night while she was sitting alone at the MAX bus stop along Center Street.

The woman told police the man pulled out a knife and threatened to harm her if she did not follow his instructions. She then got into a vehicle with the man and was taken to an unknown location, where police believe she may have been drugged. At some point, she was let go, and then she walked to a friend’s house.

UTA police were notified of the incident late Friday afternoon.

McCord said the victim was not able to provide officers with reliable information initially because of her condition, which is why they believe she may have been drugged. Through subsequent interviews over the weekend and through the course of the investigation, however, they said they do believe she's telling the truth.

"At this point we do have credible information to lead us to believe that a kidnapping did occur at the bus station," said McCord.

UTA sent out an alert to students Monday evening providing information about the incident and encouraging students to be vigilant and walk in groups.

UTA police provided the following description of the suspect: black male, mid 30s, tall, muscular, no facial hair and a long scar on the right inside of forearm, wearing a black "beanie" cap, black T-shirt and over-sized black pants.

No further information about the victim is being released.

If you have any information about this crime or think you may have seen a person who matches the suspect description, you're asked to call UTA police at (817) 272-3381.

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