UT Student From Rockwall Hit by Campus Bus

Student gets up, walks away after bus hit him

An 18-year-old from Rockwall was recovering Friday night after he was hit by a bus on campus at the University of Texas at Austin.

Nick Engmann, who is in his first year at UT, was participating in an exam week tradition when he was hit.

Students stand on opposite sides of the street and wave foam swords. It's intended to reduce stress, but on Friday afternoon, it created a lot more of it.

Engmann was wearing a President Barack Obama mask when he charged into the street and was thrown several feet by a campus bus. The crash was captured on cellphone video and posted on YouTube.

"I've known him for a long time, and he is a very intelligent guy," said Santino Shepard, who has been friends with Engmann since the sixth-grade.

Engmann graduated with academic honors from Rockwall Heath High School. Shepard said that while he was shocked by the video, he was also relieved to see his friend stand up after the crash and walk to the sidewalk. The bus driver was given a ticket for running a red light.

Shepard posted an update on his Facebook page at about 5:30 p.m. saying:

"thanks everyone for all the well wishes! im fine, headed back to campus on a bus *atm :)."

Engmann's parents were packing at their home in Rockwall on Friday afternoon to go to Austin and be with their son. They said that, remarkably, they don't believe their son sustained any serious injuries.

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