U.S. Postal Service Apologizes for Misplaced Mail

Residents of the West Hightwower Place subdivision in North Richland Hills say, for the last four years, their mail has been consistently misplaced or misdelivered.

"We have people that have not received checks," said Melony Cartwright McDaniel, president of the home owners association. "They've had to stop payments on checks. They've not received bills. They're getting late charges. It's ruining their credit."

Resident Todd Piatt says, about four months ago, he mailed a package to his family in Canada. He said the package still hasn't arrived.

"They went in and looked and they said the package was in Germany," he said.

We reached out the U.S. Postal Service. Through a spokesperson, it says, the carrier assigned to this route has been off the job for about a year. The USPS said there's been a series of substitute carriers that have "not been proficient."

The USPS said it's addressing the concerns of the residents by assigning one carrier to the route which it says, will improve consistency of delivery.

The USPS also apologized residents who have had to experience this for so long.

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