U.S. Census Shows Population Boom in North Texas Counties

New census numbers show the boom in Collin and Denton counties is being fueled by transplants.

Data indicates in the year ending July 2013, as much as 50 percent of the growth in Collin County came from migration, or people moving into the area from other parts of the country. In Denton County, the number was 60 percent.

The U.S. Census shows the Dallas Fort Worth having the 3rd highest U.S. population growth among metropolitan areas. Dallas County added almost 26,424 new residents, Denton County added 20,749, according to the U.S. Census.

The Reardons, a family of five, moved to Frisco from Southern California in 2013. “We’re really happy with the decision,” said Stacey Reardon.

Reardon said she and her husband have Texas ties, but wanted better schools for their three children. She said they took a leap of faith, her husband choosing to leave his job without another immediately locked down because of the promise of opportunity in the thriving Texas job market.

They also found a dramatically lower cost of living. “You couldn't buy a house half this size, half this nice in Orange County and we looked," said Reardon.

Ebby Halliday realtor Brian Johnson, whose offices are in Frisco, said their story is not uncommon. “They’re coming from all over the nation,” he said, describing his clients.

Because of a low supply, both in existing homes and new construction sites available, Johnson said demand is skyrocketing in Collin County, which is also seeing job growth and attracting corporate relocation.

He described a recent listing where in two days he’d had 30 showings and seven offers, five of those at or above listing price. “It all goes back to supply and demand,” Johnson said.

Builders and developers are also in healthy business. “Texas is our number one market,” said Craig Martin, founding partner of Terra Verde Group, LLC, which develops property in Southern California and Tennessee, as well as the DFW area.

One of their current projects on the Collin and Denton county line in Prosper, will eventually add 15,000 residents to the town. Martin said the project initially was estimated to take 10-12 years to complete, but because of demand, it’s likely to be finished in the next eight.

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