Uptown Dallas Sees Rise In Motor Vehicle Burglaries

Motor vehicle burglaries are up about 13-percent in the Uptown neighborhood of Dallas, according to police.

Dallas Police said the rise is due in large part to a significant number of people leaving their cars unlocked in gated parking areas or garages that they assume are secure.

"We have seen an uptick where they(thieves) go through the garage looking for unlocked vehicles," Deputy Chief Thomas Castro said.

Uptown resident Dan Bouck was among those to be hit this year, after leaving his car parked out on the street overnight.

"I did believe there would be enough security presence that it would be safe on a Tuesday evening," he said. "The frustration level is hitting a peak."

Bouck's car was locked but in other cases DPD said people are even leaving their key fobs inside. The recent motor vehicle burglaries, charted on a map by DPD, have no other pattern than opportunity, Castro said.

"It takes about 30-seconds for them to get in there, get the property and get out of there."

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