Uptown Dallas Advocates Push for Changes

Proposal Would Turn McKinney Avenue Into Two Way Street

A public meeting on Monday night will address a plan that would turn McKinney Avenue and Cole Avenue into two way streets.

A section of both roads are currently one way streets.

"Right now, the way the street system works is a series of choke points where all of the traffic funnels into the one way roads," said Patrick Kennedy, an urban planner working with Uptown Dallas, Inc. "As soon as you get out of those areas, people just gun it and go too fast."

Kennedy has studied Uptown's traffic patterns and speeds for two years. He said turning McKinney into a two way street would improve public safety for pedestrians and drivers.

"This allows for more route choice and adaptability," Kennedy said. "If something happens on McKinney, you can just reroute to Cole. Now you have another way north."

Pedestrian safety became a concern after Emily Javadi, 34, was killed last year after she was struck by a car on McKinney Avenue near Cole Park.

Travis Elwell was charged with intoxication manslaughter. His case is still pending.

"I don't know if speed would've changed the outcome of what would have happened to us, but there are too many young people and too many families in that area. Something needs to be done," said Emily's mom, Karen Javadi. "Nobody slows down and people just don't seem to care."

Javadi supports the idea of turning McKinney Avenue into a two way street.

"I flag people down for a lot of things now. If I know they're texting and I'm beside them, I stop them," Javadi said. "It's a crazy street."

Uptown advocates estimate the price tag at $10-12 million. Kennedy hopes to get funding in the 2017 bond package.

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