Fort Worth

Upscale Shopping Project to Open in Fort Worth

A Beverly Hills shopping experience is coming to Fort Worth in the form of the new Shops at Clearfork near the Trinity Trail.

The massive upscale shopping center is set to open its second phase this week.

“It's going to look beautiful when everything is done.” Raphael Abel of Dance With Me Studios said.

The studio is one of the businesses putting the finishing touches on their locations before Thursday’s grand opening.

“I think it's a great opportunity for Fort Worth,” Kelsey Curran said.

Curran works for DFW-grown retailer Mizzen + Main which is set to open their largest pop-up location at the Clearfork.

“[It is good] not only to be in our hometown but to be a part of this bigger opening of a center,” Curran said. “I think for them to have this great of an establishment not only for the shopping center but what they're doing to the [Trinity] Trail and with the community in general.”

When the project is complete there will be 500,000 square feet of shops that could bulk up local businesses, the city of Fort Worth and employment opportunities.

“We are hiring a team right now of five to six who will be employed in the store that may grow as the holidays come on,” Curran said.

It has already meant more than 1,000 construction jobs and approximately 1,700 retail and restaurant jobs in the long run.

“We have hired quite a few locals,” Abel said.

Mixed in with the shops are apartments and quality of like additions like the dance studio. The idea is offering upscale experiences for expendable incomes.

“Position ourselves in an environment where people go out and want to indulge,” Abel said.

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