Update: NBC 5 Helps More Consumers in ‘Water in Fuel’ Fiasco

We have a major update to this story about a gas station where water was mixed into the fuel.

Back in May, we heard from several people who got gas at Mobil Gas Town in Springtown and not long after filling their tanks, their cars broke down.

This week, the NBC 5 Responds team learned those consumers have been reimbursed by the gas station.

When we first brought you this story, only one person, Sarah Lyons, had been paid back for the car repairs.

Now all seven consumers that we heard from have been reimbursed by that gas station, totaling out to more than $4,000 recovered for those consumers.

At the time, the consumers took their cars in to a mechanic and they learned that they had water in their gas tank, and they were furious. The repairs cost them hundreds of dollars out of pocket and they told us the owner of the gas station wouldn't take responsibility for the damage.

The NBC 5 Responds team obtained a copy of the gas station's inventory report from a former employee, which showed 64 gallons of water were found in the regular gas on March 5.

We contacted the gas station owner, who said it must have been a heavy rain day, but said they cleared out the tanks and everything was fine now.

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