Update: More Customers and Former Employees Come Forward About Roofing Company

The Tarrant County DA's office says it is aware of the allegations against Will Jenkins and SOS Roofing and Construction

William Greenhaw is ready to break his silence and tell everyone what he knows about SOS Roofing and Construction.

"Everything was a lie, everything was fraud, man," said Greenhaw.

The former contractor and salesman says the owner, Will Jenkins, owes him and his fiancée more than $20,000 in pay and has ripped off dozens of customers across the state.

"These are all the ones that, that people haven't got their roof done that has given up a check," said Greenhaw.

Greenhaw claims he kept his old contracts from his time at SOS Roofing and Construction.

Greenhaw says he spent the entire summer knocking on doors, signing people up to have their roofs repaired. He'd collect contracts and checks and turn them in to the company's front desk. And that's when things went left.

Greenhaw says the owner told him to tell his customers their projects would start in a week.

So that's what he did. But when weeks turned into months. That's when Greenhaw says he reached a breaking point.

"[Will Jenkins] said man, nobody gives a **** about those people. We're never going to see them again. And I'm like okay, well I will!" said Greenhaw.

He says the name of the game became quite clear, and he was in the middle of a scheme.

"Now these people want to look at us like we're the crooks, and it's just sad, you know, to see people done like that, it's not right," he said.

A group we spoke with is among many North Texans whose roofs haven't been touched.

Altogether, they paid SOS Roofing and Construction more than $65,000.

"In my mind, he steals money from me and somebody else," said Luat Tran, another SOS Roofing and Construction customer.

"The owner Will Jenkins is a liar," said Rhonda Purpora. "We were scheduled at least three times to have our roof done and every time it was a different story. There's rain in your area. And if there's rain in the area we can't do your roof."

Fortunately, Purpora paid with a credit card and was able to get her money back after disputing the charge.

But everyone else is still waiting on a refund that may never come.

"He needs to stop screwing over people," said Greenhaw. "I mean, if you're gonna do good business, do good business or don't do it at all."

We reached out to the owner about Greenhaw's allegations, but we haven't received a response.

In an older statement statement, Will Jenkins tells NBC 5 Responds quote:

"My company took on a massive workload this past year. We've faced great adversity, and are behind on our schedule... I promise when your home is next on my schedule I will be 100 percent focused on your project from start to finish."

The Tarrant County DA's office says it is aware of the allegations against Will Jenkins and SOS Roofing and Construction and will continue to look into this.

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