UNT Welcomes First Quintuplets this Fall

As fall semester starts this August, the University of North Texas will see a lot of new faces, but a set of five is already standing out.

The Diaz quintuplets from Keller have all enrolled at UNT.

Admissions Executive Director Rebecca Lothringer said it is likely the first time in school history they’ve enrolled quintuplets; definitely a first in her 19 years.

Enna, George, John, Emilio and Maria Diaz were all born in July of 1996 in Houston and graduated from Keller High School last week.

Their mom, also named Enna, said the quintuplets were a surprise when they were born but have definitely taught her and her husband how to adapt.

Lothringer said they were a surprise when first visiting UNT as well because they aren’t actually identical.

"When they started introducing themselves I was like, 'wait a minute you all have the same name, are you related,' and they're like 'we're quintuplets,'” said Lothringer. “So obviously things changed then.”

That’s one of the main reason the teens all chose UNT.

“We couldn’t afford to send everyone to separate colleges,” said Maria.

They said staying close to home allowed them to save on costs and by all going to UNT, they were able to get financial aid necessary to get them all into college.

Plus the “quints” said they wanted to stick together anyway. The 3 brothers have all even chosen share a dorm, as have the 2 sisters, and they say they plan to enroll in at least a class or two together.

Mom Enna said she is nervous to see all five kids go at once, but will enjoy having an empty house for the first time in 18 years.

"Mommy's going to be less stressed because I know all of them are in the same place,” she said.

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