North Texas

UNT Students Vote On Possible Student Fee Increase

University of North Texas students will decide this week if they support an increase in student fees. The fees are intended to keep the school competitive in the changing world of college sports.

The proposal would mean an increase of $4.25 for every credit hour equaling around a $51 increase per semester for a full-time student. That could mean $3.5 million more for athletics in the first year.

“From my time on campus this is the one that we've seen the most buzz around on campus,” SGA President Barrett Cole said.

Students will vote on the increase and if passed it will go to the school’s Board of Regents for final approval.

Proponents said the money could mean a world of difference to UNT Athletics.

“Nutrition for athletes, facilities and overall improvement of the athletic experience so that we can compete at the level that we hope to compete especially in our conference,” Cole said.

“I believe that UNT is growing as a university and if you look at other larger schools, their athletic programs are bigger and it's great [public relations] for the University,” junior Lauren Carter said. “We pride ourselves in our music and our arts and in adding this fee we can grow our athletics and we can be known for not just our arts.”

Money would also go to marching band uniforms, spirit squad support and the continuation of free student tickets.

“We are all college students. We may not have all the money in the world to pay for sports tickets,” sophomore Anya Severns said.

Student leaders said those who are opposed are concerned about the cost.

“Just money and a matter of knowing that over time, looking at if they are freshman, it will be more money over time,” Cole said. “Those for it have really enjoyed the experience they have had on campus so far and want to take it to the next level."

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