North Texas

UNT Business Student First Woman to Win Computer Coding Competition-Twice

In the male dominated world of computer coding, a female student at University of North Texas is showing them how it's done.

Senior, Anna McKee, was the first woman to win IBM's Master the Mainframe coding competition last year. She did it again this year. "I was kind of shocked," said McKee. "How am I the first, because I've had such great role models."

McKee is a business major who didn't start computer coding until college, at her mother's suggestion.

"I think it's frowned upon for women to enter this industry," said McKee. "It's a milestone for me because it's like, wow, I can be the change in this industry!"

McKee topped herself this year, being chosen as one of three global winners in the competition. Again, she was the only woman among the three.

"I feel like we should be able to incorporate tech when children are younger and have that stigma of being in a male dominated industry vanish,"' Mckee said.

McKee said she hopes to be a role model to the next generation. "I hope that little girls can look up to my story and say that they can do this too."

McKee will graduate from UNT this year. She said she's had interest from tech companies, but is also considering grad school.

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