UNT Baking Class Shares Sweet Projects With Students in Need

The class is experimental, so it doesn't have a name, but it's making a name for itself on campus

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College instructors don't usually encourage students to share their work to help other students. An introductory baking class at the University of North Texas is the exception to that rule.

"We do share with the UNT food pantry for the students that are food scarce," Chef Instructor Jodi Duryea said. "Every culture has a moment where you come together and you share what you've made...it is such an important part of the human experience."

Every week, baking students take their cookies, cakes, and pies to the student food pantry to stock the shelves and help feed fellow UNT students.

"That's my favorite part of cooking," UNT senior Daton Faires said. "Feeding people."

The experimental class is so new, it doesn't have an official name yet, but it's making a name for itself on campus.

"Most chefs, we don't get into it for the money," Duryea said. "We get into it because we love seeing people enjoy what we created."

Duryea said she plans to petition the UNT Student Senate to make Introduction to Professional Baking a permanent class.

"I'm actually good at this. I could see, like, myself doing this in the future," Faires said. "It's actually going to help people, and bring just a little bit of joy into someone else's life."

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