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Unlimited Data Plans for Wireless Phones Get More Competitive

When the smaller cellphone companies started promising we could surf the web and not worry about how much it costs for a data plan, people started to take notice.

Earlier this month, AT&T agreed to join the club and offer unlimited data, too. But it cost more and had more stipulations than the other guys.

Verizon came out with an even cheaper plan, and now AT&T has revised its offering.

You can get unlimited data at a slower speed for only $60 a month, while high-speed unlimited data is $90 a month.

It's significantly less than earlier prices and lets you add things like your Apple Watch for just another $10.

Verizon's plan starts at $80. T-Mobile's is at $70 and Sprint's is only $50 but is restricted to new customers.

Be careful to look at your data if you don't routinely go over your allotment now. This plan could actually cost you more and not be worth it for you.

If you're a Facebook addict, or have a little one who steals your phone for YouTube videos, then it might be worth your time and save you some money.

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