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University of North Texas President Issues Update on Return to Campus

NBC 5 News

University of North Texas President Neal Smatresk has announced that the campus community updating the university's COVID-19 guidelines on campus. 

According to Smatresk, with COVID-19 case counts down on campus and in the Denton community, the university is continuing with plans for a full fall 2021 university experience.

Smatresk said UNT safety committees have been reviewing federal and state guidance and making recommendations for how to proceed with campus operations. 

UNT is eliminating outdoor mask requirements on campus as of June 1.

Classroom spaces will be converted to their pre-COVID configuration, and capacity signage will be posted to be equivalent to the university social distancing standard.   

Visitors are permitted on campus, including visiting student and faculty scholars, media, and other guests.

Water fountains are being turned back on, and work items like pens and paper can be shared, Smatresk said, citing CDC guidance regarding a lack of evidence to support the transmission of COVID-19 via surfaces.

Elevator occupancy limits are lifted, and the university will continue to recommend social distancing and frequent hand washing. 

Smatresk also said he encourages students and faculty to get vaccinated if they haven't yet done so. There are currently no vaccine clinics on campus, but Smatresk said the university continues to review the need for additional clinic opportunities.

University travel restrictions will remain in place for now, and any business travel must be approved by a division vice president, Smatresk said. All faculty, staff, or students returning from international travel will need to quarantine off campus for 10 days, and international students who will be living on campus will be provided with an on-campus quarantine room.

All of these changes will be in effect on or before June 1.

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