Aspire United 2030 Seeks to Improve Life for North Texans Over Next 10 Years

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas targeting education, income, and health

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Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson welcomed the announcement from the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas to improve life for people living in north Texas.

"It's a real concerted effort to move our city in concrete ways over the next 10 years," Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson said.

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Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson speaking about Aspire United 2030

The United Way's Aspire United 2030 initiative has a 10-year plan to achieve certain goals.

"We want to ensure that kids are graduating from high school,” United Way of Metropolitan Dallas President and CEO Jennifer Sampson said. “We want to ensure that families have the financial independence and economic mobility to sustain themselves and their families through retirement. And that we want north Texas to be a strong and healthy and thriving community."

Vince Sims
L-R Anne Chow, CEO AT&T Business; Jennifer Sampson, Pres. & CEO United Way of Metropolitan Dallas; Eric Johnson, Mayor City of Dallas speaking about Aspire United 2030 Campaign

The goal is to increase the number of students reading at grade level, by third grade, by 50%. Increase the number of young adults earning a living wage by 20%. Also, increase the number of people with access to affordable healthcare insurance by 96%.

Vince Sims

Mayor Johnson says this all has a positive ripple effect on the city.

"These people are going to be making more money and they are going to be able to contribute more to our local economy,” Johnson said. “Hopefully that helps push our taxes down."

The United Way will work towards these goals through financial investments, and working with advocates.

"Those that apply for funding from United Way have to demonstrate that their outcome and logic model will help us achieve the goals that we've set for the next 10 years,” Sampson said. “That's where we'll direct our financial resources, our time, our energy, our volunteer engagement.

18 months of planning went into creating these long term goals.

To learn more about Aspire United 2030 click here.

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