Fort Worth

Union Pacific Train Derails Near Downtown Fort Worth Thursday Night

Eight cars carrying mixed, non-hazardous cargo slip off the tracks

In the picture the train is seen laying on it's side of the railing.
NBC 5 News

Eight railcars hauling mixed freight derailed late Thursday night near downtown Fort Worth

The train slipped off the tracks southeast of downtown not far from the intersection of Main Street and Industrial Avenue.

There was no hazardous material involved and no injuries were reported.

Union Pacific said they hoped to get the cars back on the tracks and the train moving Friday afternoon.

train wheels
NBC 5 News
Wheels on axles are piled up after a train derails in Fort Worth Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021.

Several of the displaced cars were tilted or on their sides and the axles were knocked loose from the body of the rail car.

The investigation into the cause of the derailment is ongoing.

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