Ukrainians Living in Dallas Worry About Family Still in Their Home Country

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Ukrainians in North Texas are closely watching the news from back home. Some have family living through this invasion and are worried about what may happen.

"Every time the phone calls it sets us on edge," Ukrainian business owner Viktoriia Revenko said.

She and her husband Oleksii watch the news and wait for calls to get updates on their loved ones.

Viktoriia and Oleskii Revenko were born in Ukraine. They live in Dallas and sell traditional Ukrainian dish Borscht at Dallas Farmers Market

"They're fine, some new news but everybody alive," Oleskii said after taking a phone call during the interview.

But it's unnerving thinking of what the call could have been.

"It's very scary,” Viktoriia said. “We can't help in any way in terms of nothing we can do here will help anybody there."

"I am terrified yes,” Ukrainian resident Alla Kuliechova said. “Today I woke up at 5 a.m. because of explosions happening nearby."

Kuliechova works for an education non-profit helping students learn English with American volunteers including ones in Dallas.

"On the streets, they are basically empty,” Kuliechova said. “In the morning there were lines, huge lines, for every shop and every store. People trying to get as much food as possible."

She went on to describe what it’s like living this way.

"It's terrifying,” Kuliechova said. “I'm filled with tension and fear and at the same time decidedness that I will try to do my best. So just absolute anxiety and horror that this is allowed to happen in the middle of Europe in the 21st century."

She just wants people to understand their situation.

"I wish they would have a lot of compassion for us," Kuliechova said.

Compassion and even education the Revenkos try and share as they serve up a traditional Ukrainian dish at the Dallas farmers market.

"We don't only share borscht, we share a part of us,” Viktoriia said. “We share a part of the culture."

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