Ukrainian Refugee Flees to Daughter's Aledo Home

A Ukrainian woman is now in North Texas, staying with her daughter in Aledo after fleeing the war-torn country.
NBC 5 News

Among the 4.3 million Ukrainians who've fled their homes is Nina Brovko who left behind all she knows to seek refuge with her daughter Alina Morgan in Aledo.

"She said, she did it only for me and my sister,” said Morgan translating for her mother.

Brovko said she felt conflicted fleeing the fight but was convinced to leave when Russia bombed Kyiv's main rail station.

With a niece in tow, Brovko spent 12 hours traveling just 75 miles between her village and the capital.

There she squeezed onto a departing train with nothing more than a passport, wallet and phone.

"On the train ride, there were quite a few hours that they had to be laying on the floor, because there was shooting going on and they were shooting the train. They were shooting the civilians,” said Morgan.

Eventually, Brovko arrived in Poland where she spent a week with one daughter before traveling to the U.S. to stay with Morgan.

Now together, they check in on the loved ones who've stayed behind while watching with pride as fellow Ukrainians hold strong against Putin's army.

“They are so brave, but it is in our blood. That’s who we are,” said Morgan. "It's our tradition. It's our country. It's our language. It's our people."

Morgan and Brovko said they remain hopeful she'll be able to return home soon.

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