UIL Working on Plan to Protect Students from Concussions

Concussions have sparked intense debate in the sports world. On Sunday, the University Interscholastic League will consider how to deal with concussions in Texas high school athletes.

This comes just over a week after a Plano teen killed his mother, brother and himself. A crime the family blames on his two sports related concussions.

Scott Fawcett says his nephew McCann Utu Jr. suffered a concussion while playing basketball. He says McCann got treatment and psychiatric help, but was never the same.

In September, NBC 5 Investigates revealed records showing more than 2,500 concussions in North Texas high school and junior high school sports during the 2014-15 school year.

The records came from 41 North Texas school districts.

Currently, UIL doesn't collect data from all sports or even all schools, which means Utu's concussions wouldn't have been tracked by the state.

Former Dallas Cowboy fullback Daryl Johnston says that the NFL is finally making progress on how it treats concussions. But he says that needs to trickle down to colleges and high schools.

"They are concerned. There is genuine concern now so we've really started to change the culture at the NFL level, we've got to continue to change that culture as the game moves down to the lower levels."

On Sunday -- coaches, athletic directors, and principals from across the state will meet in Austin for a UIL convention. They will discuss how to diagnose and treat concussions in young athletes.

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