UFOs in Arlington?

FAA suggests strange lights are remote-controlled aircraft


Some Arlington residents report seeing strange blue lights zipping across the night sky that they describe as a UFO, but one expert suggests it's just a remote-controlled airplane.

"It was blue. It was real bright blue," said Reggie Washington, a music promoter who lives near Matlock Road and Southeast Green Oaks Boulevard.

"It was going up and down and around," said Tammy Hewell, who lives across the street.

And there's video. At least four videos have been posted on YouTube. They show similar, brightly-lit blue objects in the night sky.

But what is it?

"I have no idea. It looked like a UFO to me," Washington said.

"A UFO, I guess," Hewell said.

Arlington police, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and the Federal Aviation Administration said they have not received any reports about UFOs.

But FAA spokesman Lynn Lunsford said he watched the YouTube videos, and the blue light appears to be a remote-controlled airplane popular with hobbyists.

"It moves very slowly, and it stays in a confined area," Lunsford said. "We've seen this from time to time around the country."

Some hobbyists enjoy flying at night, and some websites advertise blue LED lights.

But those who have seen the lights don't buy the explanation.

"I don't think it was a remote-controlled airplane, as fast as it was flying, as far as it went," Washington said.

"There's no way you could have seen it if it was a remote-controlled plane," Hewell said.

But they admit they don't have an answer to the question: If it wasn't a remote-controlled plane, what was it?

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