TxDOT Turning to High-Mast Lighting

The Texas Department of Transportation is using what is called high-mast lighting on most of its newer projects, such as the High Five and other improvements along interstates and highways.

The technology is also used by airports because the higher masts throw broader light onto a larger area, becoming the preferred technology to replace old street lighting systems.

One of the unintended consequences is that neighborhoods occasionally are exposed to the brighter lights. But so far, TxDOT says it hasn't heard any complaints.

That could be in part because neighbors in affected areas say the lights actually improve safety and deter crime.

The lights themselves also contain less copper wiring, making them less likely to become the target of thieves, a problem with older model street lights.

TxDOT says drivers can expect to see more high-mast lighting as part of roadway improvement projects.

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