TxDOT Tells Drivers in the Rain to Slow Down

As rain soaks North Texas, the Texas Department of Transportation is asking drivers to take it slow on the roads, especially through construction zones.

"The first day of heavy rain like this causes that oil to jump up, the standing water on the road, hydroplaning -- it's just a recipe for disaster if you're not careful," TxDOT spokesman Mark Pettit said.

Navigating all those orange barrels is always a challenge -- especially in the rain.

"One day, the lanes are here and the next day, they're in a different location. And if you're not paying attention, if you're not being aware [and] driving slow, you could be coming around the corner -- it's raining, it's slick -- and all of a sudden, the lanes aren't where they used to be," Pettit said.

Construction projects are required to limit standing water on the roads, but it isn't always possible.

"You can't always engineer for Mother Nature," Pettit said. "She's going to throw down. If she throws down a lot of rain, you can see flooding, water starting to cross the roads. You've got to be aware of that. ... It just takes a little bit of water to cause you to hydroplane and lose control."

He said the best advice is to slow down.

"Everybody should think that the road is very slick and slow down -- just slow down, give yourself a little space, be courteous to the drivers around you, don't be in such a hurry," Pettit said.

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