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TxDMV Orders Man to Remove ‘Jail 45' License Plate

State issues, then revokes, vanity license plate

license plate
NBC 5 News

A Fort Worth man is no longer able to use his Texas license plate as a place to share his distaste for President Donald Trump.

Jerry Balkenbush's vanity plate reads "Jail 45." He received the plate from The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles who, shortly after he received it, told him it was being revoked.

"I feel like it was a violation of my freedom of speech against the government," Balkenbush said.

In a statement to NBC 5, the TxDMV said the "Jail 45" plate was revoked because, according to state law and administrative code, it was derogatory.

license plate
NBC 5 News
The Texas Department of Transportation issued, then revoked, a Fort Worth man's vanity license plate that reads, "Jail 45."

He believes the decision was made after someone saw his plate and complained. He now has 30 days to take the plates off his car, which he said will be replaced with plates in support of President Barack Obama.

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