TxDOT Moves Forward With ‘3G' Dallas Intersection Redesign Project

The Texas Department of Public Transportation is moving forward with a $9.4 million solution to what the Dallas Morning News reported as the "death-defying" East Dallas intersection of Gaston Avenue, Garland Road and Grand Avenue.

After reading more than 1,000 comments, TxDOT said it received more support for “Option 2,” which will change the intersection into a "Reverse T."

The design allows drivers to go straight or turn on to Gaston Avenue.

Residents and business owners in the area were extremely vocal about the plans, signing several petitions both for and against the proposed options.

"I’m glad that we slowed down the process so that everyone had a voice," Dallas City Councilman Mark Clayton, whose district is one of three that surround the intersection, told The Dallas Morning News. "In the end, the preferred option that the community has always supported still won out."

Crews are expected to begin construction no later than 2020.

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