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TxDOT, Construction Crews Ready for Rainfall

With heavy rain possible in the coming days, everyone is getting ready and taking precautions in case there are flooding problems, including those who are rebuilding North Texas roads.

The Texas Department of Transportation office in Fort Worth says its maintenance crews regularly check drainage ditches and drains on completed roadways.

The roadways under construction, says TxDOT spokesperson Val Lopez, falls on the contractors of the project.

Interstate 35W is full of construction workers and various contractors rebuilding one of the busiest roads in the state.

Construction crews are supposed to make sure water, or mud, don't impact those trying to travel on the open portion of the road, but it could happen.

"Any weather event, if it's bad enough, could cause standing water," Lopez said.

TxDOT crews and the construction companies will respond and remedy the issue.

Construction crews do regularly maintain proper drainage at work sites though, so there aren't issues if and when it rains.

"At the planning phase of any project, adequate drainage is an important part of the process," Lopez said. "Engineers don't just look at the final configuration of what the drainage looks like. During the actual project they need to provide for draining."

On Monday morning, construction crews near Carver Avenue were seen with what are known as "silt socks" ready to be put to use. Silt fences also line parts of the project. Both products are designed to let water flow freely, but not the soil the water may try to carry away. Construction crews also have water pumps, if they're needed.

Lopez said drivers have a role to play, as well, if the weather does create standing water issues on area roads.

"If they're going through a construction zone during bad weather, they need to be aware of where the barrels are," he said. "And if they see any standing water, not to drive through it, especially if it's flowing."

And those encountering such predicaments should call 911, so that others don't get caught and that they can leave the road safely.

It's something neither construction or road crews want to see happen as DFW expects to see some pretty solid rainfall.

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