Rejected Personalized Texas Plate Deemed to Be ‘Indecent'

Message about loving life meant to be inspiring

A misinterpreted message means that a North Texas business owner cannot have the personalized plate she wants for her car.

Angie Strader hoped to convey her renewed love for life with her desired plate text: L♥VELIFE

But the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles rejected her request, arguing it was indecent.

After a recent near-death experience, Angie Strader hoped to convey her renewed love for life with her desired plate text: L♥VELIFE.

“I can’t wrap my head around it,” Strader said.

The inspiration for the plate is about as personal as it can get.

“About a year-and-a-half ago I was involved in a carbon monoxide poisoning. I wasn’t expected to make it, and from that moment forward I really feel like every day is a blessing,” Strader said. “And I truly appreciate life more than I ever did before. And I love life.”

Strader contacted NBC DFW for help getting a clear answer from the DMV, beyond what she believed to be a copy-and-pasted answer from the Texas Administrative Code in both their initial rejection and in their written denial of her appeal.

Adam Shaivitz, the Public Information Officer for the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, responded to an NBC DFW inquiry by providing links to three different dictionary definitions of the phrase, ‘Love Life,’ each of which refer to one’s romantic or sexual relationships.

In addition, Shaivitz suggested three available, alternative plate patterns, each of which precede the “love life” message with the letter “I”:

• I♥L1F

Upon hearing about the alternative plate options, Strader noted that she would consider her options.

Generally speaking, there are five reasons that would make the DMV reject a personalized plate, beyond it already being taken:

• Indecency
• Vulgarity
• Derogatory
• Illegal activity
• Misrepresenting a government agency

ONLINE: Texas' rules for license plate personalization.

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