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Two Young Women Injured in Fort Worth Stockyards Hit-and-Run

Father urges driver to come forward after crash

Two young women are still hospitalized after a driver struck them and kept going early Sunday at the Fort Worth Stockyards.

The father of one of the victims is now urging the driver to make it right and come forward.

The collision occurred at about 2:30 a.m. outside the Neon Moon Saloon.

One of the victims, Amber Underwood, celebrated her 20th birthday one night before but now is recovering at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital with a fractured pelvis, injured knee and stitches in her face. Her 18-year-old friend has a broken femur.

"He just come out of nowhere and ran them over and didn't stop," said Amber Underwood's father, Aaron Underwood.

Surveillance video from a nearby business shows Amber Underwood crossing the street with two friends when a truck slams into them and keeps on driving.

"He didn't even put his brake lights on," Aaron Underwood said.

His daughter can only remember waking up in the middle of the road, with a stranger comforting her.

"Down on the ground with her, holding her head and holding her hand," Aaron Underwood said. "I'd like to find this man so I can thank him for helping my daughter."

But mixed with that gratitude, there is fear and anger at whoever did this.

"It just made me so furious that somebody would hit somebody like that and then keep driving and not stop to see if they were dead or alive," Aaron Underwood said.

The father hopes someone will recognize the truck, or that the driver's conscience will finally kick in.

"I'm going to forgive this man for what he's done to my daughter. I just want him to come forward and do the right thing and be a man and accept responsibility for what he's done," Aaron Underwood said. "Do what you would want somebody else to do if it was your loved one."

In this case, Amber Underwood is grateful to be celebrating another year of life.

"She's a resilient young lady, and I'm very proud of her," her father said.

Aaron Underwood said he has worked in the Stockyards area for years and has noticed speeding has gotten much worse, especially on Exchange Street. He reminds everyone to be careful with all the people walking in that area.

Fort Worth police are still investigating. Anyone with information should give them a call at 817-392-4222.

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