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Two Women Killed in River Oaks Crash With Racing Pickups

Victim families want street racers to see and feel their grief

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Two women were killed Wednesday night in the Fort Worth suburb of River Oaks in an accident involving racing pickup trucks.

It happened after 9 p.m. on River Oaks Boulevard near Jacksboro Highway.

Keith Lake Jr. loved both of those victims. There were his 37-year-old girlfriend, Cindy Griffin, and his 17-year-old daughter, Madison Lake.

“Madison and Cindy were already on the ground with a blanket over them,” said Lake, who was called to the scene soon after the accident happened.

He fought back tears Thursday as he recalled what police had told him about the accident.

Two vehicles were heading east on River Oaks Boulevard. One of them smashed into the car driven by Griffin. Keith Lake said the speed limit on that street is 40 miles per hour.

“There's no way they were doing 40 miles an hour to have such a devastating crash and take the lives,” he said.

The women had just left Griff’s Restaurant after picking up Madison’s 20-year-old boyfriend, Bishop Kline, who was in critical condition Thursday.

Kline was only on his second day of work at Griff’s.

“We didn't really get a chance to know him but he was really good the two days he was here, and I thought I've found a good one,” restaurant manager Carla Barrett said.

Barrett said she shared surveillance video with police that showed the vehicles racing by.

“And the next thing you know the truck just hit the car and drug it pretty far down toward Dollar General,” Barrett said.

People touched by the tragedy brought stuffed animals and flowers Thursday to pay tribute to the victims hit on that road.

“There’s no reason for it, none. There’s places you can race, legally, raceways and drag strips. They’re racing down a road that families travel on, you know. If they weren’t doing that, my girls would be home right now,” Lake said.

River Oaks Police with assistance from Fort Worth accident experts are still investigating the crash. No charges were filed Thursday. One of the racing drivers was still in the hospital, too.

River Oaks Police ask anyone with information to contact Lt. Steve Nance at 817-626-1991 extension 306 or e-mail .

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