Two Treated After Bull Startled at State Fair of Texas

Medics treated two people and transported a child to a Dallas hospital after a bull was startled Monday at the State Fair of Texas.

A representative for the State Fair said the bull was frightened while being transported to a pen during the "Farm Day at the Fair" event.

Two people with bumps and bruises were treated with first aid at the fair.

And a child was taken to a local hospital with unknown injuries.

Two weeks ago, a steer weighing approximately 1,000 pounds escaped its handlers at the State Fair of Texas and ran about a quarter-mile before it was corralled in the Midway area.

The animal was being bathed in the cattle barn area of the fairgrounds when a loud noise scared it, causing it to run toward the Midway.

Several Dallas police officers and animal handlers chased after the steer, shouting to fair goers to stay out of its way as it approached the busy Midway, an eyewitness said.

One person, a fair employee, went to a first aid station for treatment after the ordeal.

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