Dallas Police

Two Shot During Online Sale Meet Up: Dallas Police

Two people were shot early Tuesday morning when they went to meet with someone they found online, who they thought was going to buy an item from them, Dallas police said.

Instead, the "buyer" robbed them and fired at their car, police said.

Police say four people were inside the car at about 12:30 a.m. when they did not feel safe and began to leave the area, police said. That's when two of them were hit by the gunfire. The other two were unharmed.

When the suspect began shooting at them, they drove off -- and met first responders near the intersection of S. Lamar Street and Interstate 45.

The injured victims were taken to the hospital. Their names and current conditions have not been released.

No arrests have been made.

This incident comes just weeks after Dallas Police introduced their first Safe Exchange Zone outside one of their substations in Oak Cliff at 1999 E. Camp Wisdom Road. The city is looking at adding more of them.

Police strongly encourage anyone buying or selling items online to make the exchange in one of those zones, preferably during the day. If the buyer / seller refuses to meet you there, they say you should not go through with the transaction.

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