Two Sets of Twins in Same Family Share Perfect School Attendance Record

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Twins Maliyah and Makaylah Mancuso graduated Friday night from Benbrook Middle High School with a perfect attendance record.

And their younger twin sisters Sameyah and Samiyah also have a record of perfection – if only they make it through high school without missing a day.

The older twins said it was a goal they’ve had since kindergarten.

“We wanted to stay home but we didn’t,” Maliyah said.

"We never really got sick,” added Makaylah.

They've also gotten near-perfect grades – mostly A’s and some B’s – leading to full scholarships to attend Texas Christian University in the fall.

They're the first in their family to go to college.

But the story doesn't end there.

Their two younger sisters Sameyah and Samiya Washington are identical twins who just graduated eighth-grade at the same school.

They have perfect attendance so far too.

"It's amazing,” said their grandmother Cathy Mancuso. “I am off the chart, very proud."

The younger twins said their older sisters are role models.

“We follow in their footsteps sometimes. Well, all the time,” Sameyah said.

Teachers and school administrators said they are also proud of the girls’ accomplishments.

"You can see this family and the girls they have so much character,” said assistant principal Michelle Schwalls. “There's nothing you can't love about them. Everything about them is lovely."

Asked about the lesson from their story, Makaylah said to always go to school and, "Just dream big dreams and follow them."

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