Fort Worth

Police: Drug Deal Gone Bad

Two people were shot Saturday evening at the cross streets of McKenzie Street and Burchill Road in Fort Worth.

Further investigation revealed that this was a drug deal gone bad, according to police. 

One of the parties involved attemped to rob the other. Both parties then got into their vehicles and started shooting at one another.

After causing several minor accidents while attempting to flee the scene, both party's vehicles crashed into two separate fences near the scene.

One juvenile suffered a gunshot wound to their stomach while another individual suffered a gunshot wound to their arm. 

Both were taken to area hospitals in stable condition.

Another individual involved in this incident also robbed a passerby of their vehicle at gunpoint and fled the scene. 

Police were able to recover several firearms from the six different crime scene locations. It is unclear which party started shooting first but police believe they have all of the individuals involved in custody at this time. 

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