Two North Texas Cities With Perfect Scores in LGBT Study

The Human Rights Campaign, a leading voice in LGBT advocacy, now ranks Dallas and Fort Worth among the top in the nation for inclusion in government.

Both cities scored perfect scores of 100 in the HRC’s Municipal Quality Index for 2016. The scores are based on a scale of 0-100 and serve as report card for governments and law enforcement. The HRC explained the scores are based on a city’s policies, benefits and services.

North Texas scores include:

Dallas – 100
Fort Worth – 100
Plano – 74
Arlington – 44
Denton – 35
Garland – 22
McKinney – 18
Irving – 6

Many LGBT leaders in the Lone Star State look closely at the HRC ratings. The scores were released just as the Gay and Lesbian Alliance of North Texas are planning for an awards banquet to honor allies in Plano

"We're excited with Plano who got scored in the 70s," GALA North Texas President Jeanne Rubin said. "They've really come a long way. Leaps and bounds."

Rubin believes many government leaders have become community partners.

“All the way from the city staff to Mayor [Harry] LaRosiliere. The City Council, the police chief and the Chamber," Rubin said. “No minority group has ever achieved civil rights without their friends in the majority."

Dallas and Fort Worth are two of only 60 cities to score perfectly.

"I'm a cock-eyed optimist anyway or I couldn't do this work. It gives us hope that our suburban cities will move in that direction as well," Rubin said.

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