Two Months After Shooting, Wife of Man Killed While on a Walk Asks for Public's Help

James Faith was shot and killed in Oak Cliff on Oct. 9

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It’s been nearly two months since James Faith was gunned down while out on a morning walk. Now his widow, Jennifer Faith, who witnessed the shooting, is pleading with the public to help find her husband’s killer.

“Jamie was very kind, very caring. He would do anything for anybody,” Jennifer Faith said. “We had a wonderful best friendship in our marriage and loved to travel together, loved football. He was an excellent father.”

She has plenty of pictures and memories of her husband. Still, it’s not the same as having him here. Within seconds, all the years of travel and laughter and life together ended.

“It was a normal day. We walk our dog in the morning and it’s kind of bonding time in the morning, just the two of us,” Faith said. “And we leave the house every day anywhere between 7:30 and 8:30 depending on when Jamie’s first work call was.”

On Oct. 9, she said they’d barely made it a few yards from their house in Oak Cliff when she heard footsteps.

“I heard running behind me, and I turned around and all of a sudden somebody just started shooting at him. And just kept shooting and shooting and shooting,” she said.

James Faith was dead at 49-years-old. Two months later, his killer is still on the run, and his wife still has questions.

“It seems like a robbery but we’re just not sure,” she said. “It seems like a lot of gunshots just to try to take property from somebody.”

It’s why she’s talking publicly now; out of fear the case will go cold and her husband will never get justice. She’s asking people to be on the lookout for the one piece of evidence they do have – a truck.

It's a black Nissan Titan with an extended cab and a Texas Rangers sticker on the back window.

“My hope is that someday perhaps the person will realize the gravity of what they’ve done and what they taken from myself and my daughter,” she said. “He was just the backbone of our family. It was just devastating.”

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