Mansfield Football Teams Come Together to Help Former Coach

On a day when many were trying to avoid going outside, two Mansfield football teams were set on going out in the frigid weather. Their reason was not to play each other on the field, but to help someone who spent years contributing to the game they love.

Football players from both Mansfield High School and Lake Ridge High School teamed up to help fix up the home of Bob Havens, a former teacher and football coach in Mansfield.

“Today we are just one big old team. But on the field it’s different,” said Chandler Rogers, a football player at Lake Ridge High School.

“It’s cool to come somewhere near the school and where I live, and help someone who made such a big impact on Mansfield,” said Layton Ernst, a junior at Mansfield High School.

The teams worked together painting the outside of the home, clearing debris and planting flowers.

“That the kids would come out here on a day like this… it’s 35 degrees and rain, but they are out here. They’re just good kids,” said Havens.

The City of Mansfield also had workers out helping with the clean-up.

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