Two Injured in Duncanville Burglary

Duncanville police say a resident interrupted a burglary and was attacked by a man who was trying to break into his garage.

Police say an elderly homeowner in the 200 block of Whipporwill Plaza heard a noise in his garage and when he went to investigate he saw a Hispanic man prying on the garage door.

The man tried to run back into the house when the burglar hit him over the head with an unknown object.

An elderly woman living in the home heard the man yell and went to see what happened, she found the man on the floor with blood coming from his head, then the burglar rushed toward her and hit her in the head too.

The man and woman were unconscious for a short time, and when they came to they called 911 at around 1:19 a.m.

When police arrived the couple pointed in the direction the man ran off, but officers could not find him.

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