Noelle Walker

Two Generations Send Valentines to Military Overseas

The kitchen at Mustang Creek Estates of Sachse retirement home was abuzz with young cooks Friday afternoon.

"It's kind of a widely known stereotype that teenagers are bad, and they go and do awful things and they don't spend time with their family," said Sachse High School senior Kelly Garcia. "We're trying to knock that stereotype out."

About a dozen girls volunteered their time to make Valentine's Day a little brighter for the senior citizens who live at Mustang Creek, as well as military members serving overseas, making cookies and Valentine's Day cards.

"Knowing they care about us older people and they care about him, even though he has memory loss," said Kathleen Ritchie, whose husband is a resident at Mustang Creek Estates.

"It's gonna look good no matter what," said Kylie Anderson, as she cut a handmade card. "It's made with love."

Garcia said she hopes their work inspires other young people to volunteer their time.

"There's something so great we can learn from our elders," Garcia said. "Giving back is something I love to do with my time. It's the least I can do with my time."

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