Two Families Fight to Get Ivermectin for Loved Ones Battling COVID-19

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Erin Jones' husband Jason Jones is in Texas Health Huguley fighting COVID-19. 

"I'm on a mission to save my husband’s life," Erin Jones said.

She has filed a lawsuit against the hospital wanting them to treat him with the drug Ivermectin.

"I've read the stories,” Jones said. “I've seen the testimonies of people that are using it."

Some medical professionals agree with her. Dr. Mary Bowden prescribes Ivermectin.

"I didn't start prescribing Ivermectin just blindly,” Dr. Mary Bowden said. “I checked the FDA study when Ivermectin was originally approved for human use."

She added, “I have enough clinical experience to safely say what I am doing is what I should be doing. I think it's just criminal what these other doctors are not doing and it's going to go down in history."

But others like Dr. Robert Rogers say there just isn't enough proven data to use Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID.

"It's an FDA approved drug but it has not been shown to be effective for treatment of COVID or prevention of COVID,” Dr. Robert Rogers said. “So there is no FDA approval for that use."

He added "If there is no proof that it helps and there is risk of harm from it, doesn't seem reasonable to do it. Whether it's the human tablets or veterinarian preparation, you just shouldn't take it."

While the debate and legal battles continue, those with loved ones dying said there is only one answer. That's why Melanie Squires has also filed a suit against Baylor All Saint Medical in Fort Worth wanting Ivermectin given to her husband.

"When you're faced with he's going to die or you try this cheap, proven to work, medication, they should be trying everything and not telling me he's got to fight it on his own," Melanie Squires said.

Baylor Scott and White told NBC 5 it can’t comment on pending litigation or on individual cases.

Texas Huguley did not respond to a request for comment.

The CDC, FDA, as well as the drug’s maker MERCK, said the drug does not treat COVID-19.

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