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Two Detained After El Centro College Lock Down

Two people are being questioned after a lock down at Dallas' El Centro College Tuesday afternoon.

According to Dallas Area Rapid Transit police, a woman approached officers at about 11:30 a.m. and said she saw three men with a gun nearby, close to Rosa Parks Plaza, not far from the El Centro campus.

As officers pursued the three men the woman boarded a bus without identifying herself, police said.

The officers detained two of the men in an adjacent El Centro parking lot and held them for questioning. A firearm was found nearby, police said, though it's not clear if it belonged to one of the three men.

DART police, working with officers from the Dallas County Community College District, said they do not believe the men entered the school, but that the building was searched as a precaution.

While the investigation took place, El Centro College was locked down for about 45 minutes before being reopened.

The location of the third man is unknown.

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