Twins Claim Top Spots in Graduating Class

When students of Westlake Academy walk across the stage Saturday to get their high school diplomas, the audience will see double.

Twin sisters Casey and Corey Timmerman are the valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively.

"We both just try our hardest, and I guess it's a little bit competitive, where if she does something, I feel like I have to either do the same or a little better," Corey Timmerman said. "It's definitely nice payback for all the hard work we've done these past four years."

Their competition extends from academics to athletics to art. The girls both have served as captain of their school's state championship basketball and softball teams, helping each other in everything they do. They've also each won awards for their artwork.

But their mother says that while they may be identical twins, but they are not identical in every way.

"They are very encouraging of each other but they are very different kids," said Julie. "I think we've only asked of them to try their best."

The Timmerman twins said it wasn't even their goal to be No. 1 and No. 2 in their class.

"I guess we're best friends," Casey Timmerman said. "We hang out the most. I can tell her anything, and it's just a nice relationship to have."

The sisters will attend the University of Texas at Austin, where they've been accepted into the natural sciences honors program.

"It's good that we're going to college together, because I think that'll make the transition a lot easier," Casey Timmerman said.

They said they realize they may go their separate ways someday to start their careers. But they'll keep coming back to each other for support and perhaps a little friendly rivalry.

The Timmermans will join 30 other seniors as part of Westlake Academy's second graduating class.

Westlake is a public charter school with an international baccalaureate program.

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