TSA Steps Up Your X-Ray Shoe-In

TSA asks travelers not to put shoes in bins during airport screening process

Get ready for more changes in the airport security lines.

The Transportation Security Administration now wants travelers to put their shoes directly on the X-ray machine belt, not in plastic bins.

Why the change?

TSA spokeswoman Andrea McCauley said security screeners can get a better image of what's inside a shoe when it's on the belt and not buried in a bin, underneath jackets, backpacks or other items that travelers often put on top of shoes. 

"The threat from shoes is still very real," she said.

The agency fears terrorists may try to hide explosives in hollowed-out shoe soles.   

The TSA said it is asking passengers to comply voluntarily for now. Screeners are not ordering everyone to pull their shoes out of the bins.

But passengers who put their shoes in bins could be asked to run the shoes through the machine a second time or may be subjected to additional screening after passing through the metal detector. 

Traveler Heather Sands said the changes didn't bother her, even though it's one more thing to remember in line.

"Quite frankly, if it's better for my security and helps me avoid things that happened in the past, I'm fine with that," she said.

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