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Partial Government Shutdown Has Not Yet Significantly Impacted TSA Security Lines in North Texas

It was business as usual for Transportation Security Administration employees over the weekend at airports in North Texas, despite working without pay.

This comes after the TSA acknowledged that there's been an increase in the number of its employees calling off work during the partial government shutdown.

A spokesperson for TSA said that at DFW International Airport, 5.5 percent of the TSA workforce called out on Friday compared to 3.5 percent on a normal day. He said the difference is "not significant."

“We don’t typically provide call out numbers for security reasons,” TSA representative James Gregory said. “As you can imagine, if we did that on a regular basis, we would provide information to adversaries that would allow them to game out possible security trends whereby they could extrapolate potential locations for attacks.”

On Sunday, checkpoint wait times were not affected at DFW Airport.

A spokesperson at DFW Airport told NBC 5 that operations were not impacted and that the TSA security lines were running like a regular weekend.

At Dallas Love Field, officials said as far as they know they have had "no impacts."

Some travelers that NBC 5 spoke with arrived early for their flights on Sunday just in case there were any issues.

"I kind of came early knowing that there might be issues," said Claudio Silva, a traveler at DFW Airport.

NBC 5's Larry Collins contributed to this report.

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