TSA Employees Miss First Paycheck Amid Government Shutdown

Across the country, the pressure intensifies for thousands of Transportation Security Administration employees who will miss their first paycheck amid the government shutdown.

TSA workers are among the 420,000 federal employees forced to work through the shutdown. To address reports that workers were calling in sick, earlier this week  TSA spokesperson Michael Bilello tweeted “5.5 percent of TSA employees ‘called out’ at DFW Airport. On a normal day its 3.5 percent.”

The paychecks have stopped for TSA employees, but their bills have not. The longer the shutdown lingers, the more employees grow in concern. To help navigate through the shutdown, TSA is offering resources to its employees, including its “Employee Assistance Program.”

Under EAP, employees can receive professional, personal and confidential counseling. The agency also provides referrals for legal/financial support, alternate child and senior care options, community services and assistance programs.

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