Trump's Immigration Plan

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says immigration laws should focus on the needs of working Americans.

Local small business owner Tanner Maxson agrees.

"If there are guys here undocumented and not part of a visa program and you catch them here, that's criminal. Go ahead and send them back to their country," Maxson said.

Maxson's landscaping company has a hard time finding employees despite paying them up to $18 an hour.

"We'll hire people, they'll get here and work two or three days and then they'll quit," he said. "But when Hispanic guys come in and they have a drivers license and they're actually legal to work for me, they'll stick with us."

Maxson says most American's don't want the work. The days can be long and the July heat is relentless. 

The pressure grows on both Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s campaigns as the days get closer to election day. NBC 5 is doing a side-by-side comparison on where the two candidates stand on major issues. The next issue: deportation.

The people who are willing to tough it out must prove they're in the U.S. legally.

For Maxson, Trump is best suited to tackle immigration.

Trump has laid out a 10 point plan on immigration, which includes:

  1. Building a wall
  2. Ending catch and release
  3. Ending sanctuary cities
  4. Making anyone who enters the U.S. illegally subject to deportation
  5. Selecting immigrants to enter our country based on their likelihood of success here and their ability to be financially self-sufficient.

"Not amnesty, but give them a work visa," Maxson added. "I would love to hire all the people I can get right now, who would actually work hard and love their job. Give me a way to get a visa for these guys."

"I'm actually surprised and happy to hear that," said Denton County Republican Party Chair Lisa Hendrickson. "It makes sense that what he's saying is going to help him because Trump hasn't said 'no immigration.' Trump said 'no illegal immigration.' Mr. Trump has said 'we'll put something in place and if you're not a threat to this country and you bring value to it, then okay.'"

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