Trump Supporters Weigh-In on Supreme Court

As early voting numbers continue to climb in Texas, many conservatives are focused on one key issue: the future.

"It's absolutely beyond the scope of communicating to someone how important this election is. It's not about four years. It's not about eight years. It's about 40 to 80 years," said Lisa Hendrickson, chair of the Denton county Republican Party. "We live in a society that wants to re-define everything. We want to re-define marriage. We want to re-define gender. It's frightening to me to think that my children and my grandchildren could grow up in world where we're just going to change everything because we say so."

The next president will pick deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's replacement, but could potentially appoint three more Justices.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 83-years-old. She's the oldest justice on the Supreme Court. She was appointed by President Bill Clinton.

Justice Stephen Breyer was also a Clinton appointee. He's 78-years-old.

Justice Anthony Kennedy, 80, was appointed by President Ronald Reagan, but has sided with his liberal colleagues on issues like same-sex marriage and abortion rights.

"I just want it more conservative and I'm worried if Hillary Clinton were elected, it would be much more liberal," argued Trump supporter Leah Frizzell. "I'm most concerned for my grandchildren."

Trump has released a list of 21 potential Supreme Court picks.

The one Texan on the is Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett.

Willett is a conservative from Talty, near Terrell. He went to school in Forney and later graduated from Baylor University.

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